The Association

YES is a non-profit organisation which develops and supports practice-oriented economic education and opinion-forming programmes for students.

The association was founded in 2006 through the merger of the previously independent organizations Junior Achievement Switzerland and Young Enterprise Switzerland. In January 2018, the organization Youth and Economy merged with YES. In 1999, the Company Programme was implemented for the first time in Switzerland. The first volunteer assignments took place in 2003. The Youth Debate programme was introduced in Switzerland in 2005. The focus lies on young people who are empowered to act entrepreneurially and to develop an understanding of social, ecological and economic interrelations as well as to convince as personalities. Our programmes prepare students to responsibly find their way in the global economy. Further information can be found in our annual report.

In total, we work in over 31'000 schools, with the help of more than 116'600 teachers and 164'300 business volunteers to empower 3'454'750 students across 40 countries.

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