YES is a non-profit organisation which develops and supports practice-oriented business training programmes for students, with the aim of interlinking the economy with schools.

Our programmes

The programme Our Community gives primary school students a basic understanding of the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the various players in a community in a playful manner.

The programme Personal Economics deals with important business-related topics that are relevant to young people in 7th to 10th grade. The programme is modular in structure so that topics such as basic principles of business, applying for jobs and handling money can be focused on flexibly.

Students who participate in the programme Youth debate learn about the pros and cons of economic, ecological and social debates and are able to build their own opinion on the topic. They also learn how to hold debates at a linguistically high level about controversial topics, to represent their position successfully and to respect other opinions.

In the Company Programme students age 16 through 20 years found and manage a mini-company for one year and experience hands-on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.