Who are we?

YES is a non-profit organisation that develops and supports practice-oriented programmes in the economic field for students, with the aim of creating a link between economy and school.

What do we do?

We offer five different practice-oriented educational programmes, which teach students various skills relevant to their personal and professional future.

Our Community gives primary school pupils a basic understanding of the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the various players in a community in a playful manner.

In the programme Pintolino primary school pupils develop, design and produce their own products and/or services in different working groups.

The programme Personal Economics deals with important business-related topics that are relevant to young people in 7th to 10th grade. The programme consists of several modules, including the application process and money management.

The Youth Debate programme enables middle school and high school students to acquire the necessary skills to defend their point of view, actively listen and communicate in a respectful way.

In the Company Programme students aged 16-20 found and manage a mini-enterprise for one year and experience hands-on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.