The Team


  • Noémie Duschletta
    Noémie Duschletta


    My Motivation is to build a bridge between theory and practice – it is definitely one of the most pleasant tasks. Accompanying young people in learning processes related to business and opinion forming is valuable for everyday life. Creating links between learners and experts from business and politics is enriching for both.


  • Markus Simon
    Markus Simon

    Business Management
  • Johanna Lauber
    Johanna Lauber

    Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Thomas Schneiter
    Thomas Schneiter

    Head of Programs
  • Jonas Debraekeleer
    Jonas Debraekeleer

    Communications & IT-Support
  • Lorena Astorino
    Lorena Astorino

  • Céline Meier

    Internship Events and Administration
  • Florence Montellier
    Florence Montellier

    Contact management and fundraising, french speaking part
  • Alessandra Gianella

    Contact management and fundraising, Ticino
  • Luana Schelbert
    Luana Schelbert

    Contact management and fundraising, German-speaking part
  • Joël Gloor
    Joël Gloor

  • Flavia Huder

    Digitalisation of the Programs

Volunteering Programme

  • Cynthia Probst
    Cynthia Probst

    National Coordinator, Corporate Volunteering French-speaking Switzerland
  • Cheryl Vaterlaus
    Cheryl Vaterlaus

    Personal Economics – remaining cantons German-speaking Switzerland
  • Delina Maliqi

    Personal Economics – remaining cantons German-speaking Switzerland
  • Dominic Vomsattel
    Dominic Vomsattel

    Personal Economics – canton of Zürich, Schaffhausen, Bern & Valais
  • Seraina Kaufmann
    Seraina Kaufmann

    Our community – German-speaking Switzerland
  • Vasco Stauffacher


Jugend debattiert

  • Mégane Cotting
    Mégane Cotting

    National Coordinator
  • Cheryl Vaterlaus
    Cheryl Vaterlaus

    Basel, St. Gallen
  • Jannis Brombacher
    Jannis Brombacher

    Zurich, Berne, Aargau, Central Switzerland
  • Manuel Rölli
    Manuel Rölli

  • Michaël Steiner
    Michaël Steiner

    Berne, Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel (french-speaking)
  • Axelle Scheuner
    Axelle Scheuner

    Geneva, Valais

Company Programme

  • Simon Gerig
    Simon Gerig

    National Coordinator
  • Mara Simmen
    Mara Simmen

  • Luana Schelbert
    Luana Schelbert

    Swiss Plateau & Valais
  • Tatiana Effner
    Tatiana Effner

  • Mike Ulmann
    Mike Ulmann

  • Nelson Baechler
    Nelson Baechler

    French-speaking Switzerland
  • Jan Bentz
    Jan Bentz

    Central Switzerland
  • Sandro Berchtold
    Sandro Berchtold

    Eastern Switzerland
  • Bruno Wilhelm
    Bruno Wilhelm

  • Laurent Oberson
    Laurent Oberson

    YES Alumni