YES, everything you need to know about the application process!

Applying for jobs is always a challenge - especially in times like these, when a personal interview is replaced by a video call and many jobs are more sought after than ever before. Wouldn’t it be perfect to get the most important hacks and tricks from a professional, be able to clarify some questions and maybe practice the job interview directly? That's exactly what YES offers you!

YES, that’s what we offer you:

The Job Application Process module from the Personal Economics programme offers students the opportunity to talk to an experienced volunteer from the business world to learn more about how to apply for a job. Students get their most burning questions answered directly online, are able to discuss their CV and letter of motivation, and gain confidence by practicing a job interview.

Interested? How you can participate:

As a student you can…

  • … apply directly online, and we’ll inform you when the next training is taking place.
  • … discuss your idea with your teacher, so your whole class can participate.

As a teacher you can…

  • … register your whole class for the training and we will contact you to discuss all the details together. We are flexible regarding times and dates!
  • … the training is adapted to your class and their level of knowledge so that the volunteer can involve the students in the best possible way.
  • … tell your colleagues.

Good to know:

  • The module Job Application Process is part of the Personal Economics programme and is free of charge for all applicants and schools.
  • The volunteers from the different partner companies are being trained by YES and act neutral, without any form of branding. The training is usually offered digitally. If you, as a teacher, would like an on-site assignment in your classroom, you can register directly here.