frisi represented Switzerland at the European Company of the Year Competition

As the winning team of this year's Company Programme, frisi represented Switzerland at the European Company of the Year Competition (ECC) in Lille. The best young companies from 40 countries met there from 3 to 5 July. In 2019, around 30,000 young companies and over 345,000 participants took part in the Company Programme.

The young entrepreneurs from frisi presented themselves and their product, regionally produced syrup, to a ten-member main jury and a sponsoring jury. They were judged in four categories: The company report, a four-minute stage presentation, the appearance at the sales stand and a ten-minute panel interview. The five young entrepreneurs from frisi showed their best side and were accordingly satisfied with their performance. Nevertheless, it was not enough for them to win an award or get a top 3 placement. The European title was taken by "Entella Company" from Turkey, which produces a filter for the disposal of waste from waters.

Nevertheless, the mini-entrepreneurs from frisi were able to benefit from this major event. In various conferences and discussions, they received valuable feedback and advice for a successful continuation and expansion of the business. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to make acquaintances with numerous other young entrepreneurs as well as established drivers of the economy. These contacts will be of great benefit not only for the future activities of the company, but also personally.

"In Lille we met countless start-ups with great future potential and many innovative ideas. Each country was represented by a very good mini-company, which made the level very high.

The stay in Lille was impressive. Not only the great location, but also the great people who surrounded us made the experience unforgettable."
– frisi, College of Gambach