The winners of Youth debate 2022

Elena Sophia Schorn and Laurine Frauchiger as well as Kai Gatica-Petree & Rita Mendes and Nathan Darazs & Flavio Fortis win the National Final of Youth debate! On April 1st and 2nd, 60 students debated in two preliminary and one final round on topics such as the female quota or compulsory vaccination. The 12- to 18-year-olds debated two against two, whereby the pro and con positions were drawn shortly before the debate. In addition, the participants were given the opportunity to engage in discussions with members of parliament in the National Council chamber.

After two years of online implementation, the National Final of Youth debate once again took place on site in Bern on Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd. In the exciting final debates on the topics of compulsory vaccination (secondary I) and recognition of climate change as a valid cause for asylum (secondary II), the finalists excelled, in German and French, with strong and well-founded arguments. In the end, Elena Sophia Schorn from the Kantonsschule Zug and Laurine Frauchiger from the Kantonsschule Wil, as well as Kai Gatica-Petree & Rita Mendes Guerreiro from the EPS de l'Élysée and Nathan Darazs & Flavio Fortis from the Collège St-Michel won the National Final. "I am happy that the event was held live again! The level of the other debaters was very high. I will take a lot with me: the people, the speaking, the joy of debating. ", said winner Laurine Frauchiger.

On Friday evening, the debaters talked to parliamentarians Beat Flach, Gerhard Pfister and Mathias Aebischer in the National Council Chamber. The conversation was lively and full of interesting questions from the students.

As a member of the jury, National Councillor Gerhard Pfister praised the participants at the awards ceremony: "I am convinced that it is easier to achieve "Arena suitability" than to qualify for Youth debate. Because a good debate is all about listening to each other and responding to the other person's arguments."

YES congratulates all the participants! The two days have been an immense pleasure for us!