Top 75 mini-enterprises

These are the Top 75 mini-enterprises of the Company Programme 2021/22 – congrats!

Aine Bags, AlpaT, AlpeDose, Baiver, BeeFresh, BOMBZ, Bubblybub, Candlover, Cérès Corporation, Chocolation, cips, DryMe, E-Wattle, Eromer, even him, Frib'erie, friibee, Fruchtig, Gnussstrich, Healthy Doffee, Hot N' Cold, INTERRA, J'amour, Juste Vert, la bougie, La Fabrique, laRisa, LONAN COSMETICS, MaisZeit, Makraidea, MalZwei, Mandelin, MeraKiss, MOREinga, mythwater, Omid, OneSip Shots, Pastissima, PETTASTIC, Phili, POM, PopItUp, POZE, Prince Corn, Raben Riegel, Ramagusto, Regjo, RocketBar, Salt inVASCA, Salzwerk, Santhé, Sciroppo Sette, Sivacy, SmartRA, smellaway, Snack&Go, Snatch!, Soaplee, Soapstainable, Stick_A, Sueños, Swaggy-Baggy, Swiss Recycled Pack, Tastea Bubble, Thécol, Tomar y Dar, TryNew, Turicoise, Valoo, VIRIDIS, Vumière, wai2go, Wavety, woodish, Züriduft

With their stand at the Regional Trade Fair, their online presence, their business plan and their professional approach, these mini-enterprises were the most convincing ones.

The Top 75 will be exhibiting at the National Trade Fair from 9 to 13 April 2022 in the ShopVille at Zurich Central Station - they are looking forward to welcoming you!

Find out which teams are the eight Regional Winners at this link!