News: Our programmes in Ukrainian!

Have you included Ukrainian children or young people in your class in the past year? With our educational offers in Ukrainian, you can make our programmes accessible to all your students.

YES offers you the three programmes Our Community, Pintolino and Personal Economics in Ukrainian. You are welcome to request a volunteering placement or just order the programme materials so that students can run the programme on their own.

Our offer

  • Our Community, 3rd and 4th grade Learning about the tasks of a municipality in a playful way. The children learn about different job titles and the Swiss democratic system.
  • Pintolino, 5th and 6th grade Children playfully implement their own project, create and sell their own product and/or service. This encourages teamwork and creativity, among other things.
  • Personal Economics, 7th to 10th grade This programme consists of three modules. One exercise booklet per module guides learners through the topics of basic economics, handling money and the job application process. The students can also be introduced to the programme by a volunteer from the business world and get, for example, tips & tricks for a successful application process.