International Economics Olympiad

The Economics Olympiad is part of the Science Olympiad and is held annually. The most talented students of Switzerland and the Company Programme are selected to represent Switzerland at the International Economics Olympiad. In an online exam, they must prove themselves in an in the fields of economics, financial management and business administration.

Grafik Wr Olympiade En

At the International Economics Olympiad, the young people

  • learn how to pitch ideas,
  • learn how to present themselves confidently and
  • consolidate their knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration

with the help of exciting workshops and simulation games.

In this way, they are optimally prepared for the subsequent international competition, where they have to prove themselves in the areas of financial literacy, business administration and economics. Solving and presenting a case study is the supreme discipline of the event.

The next International Economics Olympiad will take place in the summer 2022. Here, the four finalists will be able to compete against students from other nations from all over the world.