Youth debate

Research thoroughly, form an opinion of your own and argue skilfully – without neglecting the other side. YES, all this and much more is what the students of secondary level I and II learn in the programme Youth debate!

Our offers

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    National Competition

    Regional Finals followed by the National Final. Students have the opportunity to compete with others, get to know commited young people and then continue to support the programme as YES Alumni.

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    Teaching Materials

    Further exercises to improve rhetorical skills as well as current topic dossiers as a research aid. On our E-learning Platform, the independent acquisition of content is possible by means of basic and advanced modules.

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    Alumni Assignment

    One or two Alumni visit the class, introduce the method and lead a first debate.

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    Continuing Education for Teachers

    Experienced course instructors will introduce you to the method of debate.


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Why should my Class participate?

Students learn...

  • how to investigate a topic in a well-founded and critical way from different perspectives
  • how to skillfully research and validate sources of information
  • to respectfully communicate key arguments to others
  • to present themselves coherently, authentically and convincingly.

The Programme...

  • is primarily implemented in the subjects of German, history, geography or economics and law, but is well suited for cross-curricular teaching
  • is politically neutral
  • is free of charge 
  • does not involve any branding from partners

More Information

The programme Youth debate is also offered as E-learning.

Andras Viranyi

You can reach Andras Viranyi by email or on +41 76 302 71 99.