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You want to invest in the education of the next generation and ensure practice-oriented business and opinion education for the future generation? Then you have come to the right place!

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YES offers you two supervised and practice-oriented volunteering programmes in the field of education at different school levels. As a volunteer, you take on the role of a teacher for a few lessons and make an important contribution to the economic education of children and young people. Interested? Get in touch with us. 

YES Alumni, meaning former programme participants, can also support Youth debate and the Company Programme on a voluntary basis. More information here.

What our Volunteers Have to Say

The appreciation of the young people for having given them something meaningful to take with them is an indescribably positive experience. Assignments at different schools with different students open up personal horizons. The experience gained in the classroom can be very helpful for everyday work.
Hans-Peter Hug Volunteer Credit Suisse


You or your company would like to enter into a partnership with YES and thus invest in the education of the next generation? Then you have come to the right place!

If you are interested, please contact us directly. We will send you an individualised partnership offer - according to your wishes and the programmes you would like to support.

Your Engagement as a Teacher/School

Enable young students to form their own reflective opinions, gain insights into how the economy works and experience hands-on learning as a supplement to the curriculum using the learning-by-doing method. Our programmes deliberately promote key qualifications such as the ability to work in a team, personal responsibility and independence, and offer guidance in choosing a suitable career.


As a member of YES, you strengthen the association and also get the opportunity to participate in various events.


...invest in business education programmes that combine theory and practice in a meaningful way.


... support young people who are curious to discover the world of business for themselves.


...inspire young entrepreneurs to excel in order to promote Switzerland's innovative strength and competitiveness.


These practice-related offers for entrepreneurial education in partnership between commerce and school support enterprise, innovation and competitiveness in a sustainable manner. The students acquire expertise that plays a central role when entering the business world and will improve their compatibility with it. For example, someone who has founded and managed a mini-enterprise will consider founding their own business as an option when choosing a future career.

The cantons can support the distribution of the programmes by making these offers known in their schools and to companies, by opening the doors to potential sponsors and partners and/or becoming a member.

Close cooperation is also important as the mini-enterprises may give rise to real companies. Get in touch with us: we will be happy to design a form of cooperation that matches your needs.

[...] The Swiss Confederation assessed this program as exemplary. It gives adolescents all over Switzerland the opportunity to experience and develop their own creative and entrepreneurial potential. They learn skills and competences, which is central for themselves as well as our economy and society. I could convince myself of that when I was at the European Company of the Year Competition in Lucerne. Therefore, I encourage everyone to consider a support of Young Enterprise Switzerland benevolently. It is a worthwhile investment for the entrepreneurial potential of the next generation and the workplace Switzerland.
Johann Scheider-Ammann Swiss Federal Chancellor & former President of the Swiss Confederation


Over 7'000 students already take part in our programmes every year. Help us to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action and contribute something towards the development of young people’s personalities. Ensure that the future generation can also benefit from first-class training in business and support the association with a donation.

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