In the Pintolino programme primary school pupils develop, design and produce their own products and / or services. From the brainstorming phase to the sales activities, girls and boys in primary school plan, organise and implement their common project in various working groups. They are accompanied by the story of Pintolino, which shows them the theoretical basis they need for their project.


Pintolino is suitable for schoolchildren from fourth to sixth grade and may be an additional interdisciplinary activity to the school plan. The programme lasts from 12 to 20 lessons. The sales activities will take place outside the school lessons for a period from two to six weeks.


In the three working groups called Production, Marketing and Finance, girls and boys plan the realization of their ideas step by step. The different groups then present their projects to the whole class and finally they vote to select the best ones.


The pupils plan their projects in the various groups and then implement them all together. They learn to collaborate and exchange ideas. They then proceed to the actual sales activities.

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