In the Pintolino programme, primary school pupils develop, design and produce their own product and/or service. From brainstorming to sales activities, the primary school children plan, organise and realise their joint project in various working groups. They are accompanied by the Pintolino story, which gives them an example of the theoretical basics they need for their own project.

Below you will find the short report which was filmed for SRF's "mitenand" programme. The class produced, promoted and sold their own apple juice!


The Pintolino programme is recommended for the 4th to 6th primary level and can be integrated into lessons within the framework of Curriculum 22 in the subject area of Nature, Man and Society or across subjects.

The programme can be carried out in the following two variants:

  • During 12 to 20 lessons, followed by two to six weeks of sales activities outside the classroom.
  • During a Pintolino week (e.g. project week), which was developed in cooperation with the Canton of Aargau.

Planning and conception

In the three working groups Production, Marketing and Finance, the children plan the implementation of their ideas step by step. The groups present their project designs to the whole class. The best proposals are selected by voting.

Preparations and sale

In the groups, the pupils realise their designs and implement them together. They work as a team and there is a lively exchange between the individual groups. Afterwards, the sales activities are carried out.