Our Community

The «Our Community» programme gives 3rd and 4th year primary school students a basic understanding of the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the various players in a community. These activities are carried out by a volunteer from the economic sector, who will adopt a fun and entertaining approach.

Lesson 1: How does a community function?

Pupils get to know as many professions and businesses as possible and also learn how people live together in a community.

Lesson 2: Croissant bakery

By means of an interactive exercise with croissants, students discover various production strategies (individual production and one assembly line).

Lesson 3: The role of municipal administration

Pupils learn that the municipal administration provides public services for the community, which are financed by means of taxes.

Lesson 4: A new business

In this unit, the students run through a decision-making process, agree on voting options and learn to deal with majority decisions.

Lesson 5: Money and banks

Students get to know the origins and significance of money and become involved in the flow of money in a playful way.