Our Community

What professions are there? Who pays the police and where does the money come from? In the programme Our Community, a volunteer from the world of work (trained by YES) answers these questions and teaches other exciting content. The programme is designed for 3rd and 4th primary school.

Why Should My Class Participate?


  • gain an insight into the tasks of municipal administration
  • discover different professions and businesses 
  • learn to understand decision-making processes
  • learn to understand the purpose of taxes
  • learn about the origin, meaning and cycle of money.

The Programme...

  • supplements the primary school‘s curriculum
  • is free of charge 
  • does not involve any branding from partners

More Information

Our Community is one of three Corporate Volunteering Programmes. The programme is also offered as E-learning.

Lara Tschanz

You can reach Lara Tschanz by email or on +41 78 770 14 96.