Personal Economics

The Personal Economics programme deals with important business-related topics that are relevant to young people in 7th to 10th grade. The programme has a modular structure, so that topics such as basic principles of business, applying for jobs and handling money can be focused on flexibly. These activities are carried out by a volunteer from the economic sector.

Module 1: Basic principles of business

In this module, the young people are taught a basic understanding of economical issues. Topics, such as establishing a market, pricing or the business cycle are covered. Students recognise how their own consumer behaviour and the labour market are influenced by these relationships.

Module 2: Applying for jobs

This module is an ideal supplement to existing school activities related to the choice of profession and the search of an apprenticeship/job. Practical exercises, such as job interviews carried out by the volunteer, inspire and motivate young people in the process of applying for jobs.

Module 3: Dealing with money

Students become aware of their role and responsibility as consumers. The interactive exercises encourage them to methodically manage their own money and show them how useful it is to have a personal budget.