Education as the Path to Peace

After their nomination in 2022 and 2023, our umbrella organisation Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide has once again been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. With projects and locations in over 100 different countries, including countries with political instability, violence and war, JA Worldwide ensures the accessibility of economic education. The programmes train young people in skills that are great prerequisites for a functioning society: They see themselves as future job creators and leaders and learn the importance of new and innovative solutions beyond the framework of entrepreneurship. Through the trained self-confidence and view to independence, they are prepared for the challenges in their communities.

As the Swiss branch of JA Worldwide, YES is proud to contribute to greater freedom of expression and personal development in Switzerland.

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A lack of economic agency and a lack of hope lead to instability. Education and economic empowerment lead to prosperity and peace. JA prepares young people to see themselves as future job creators, leaders, and innovators who can actively contribute to the economic prosperity of their communities. This is the path to peace.
Asheesh Advani CEO of JA Worldwide