These practice-related offers for entrepreneurial education in partnership between commerce and school support enterprise, innovation and competitiveness in a sustainable manner. The school students acquire expertise that plays a central role when entering the business world and will improve their compatibility with it. For example, someone who has founded and managed a mini-company will consider founding his or her own business as an option when choosing a future career.

The cantons can support the distribution of the programmes by making these offers known in their schools and to companies, by opening the doors to potential sponsors and partners and/or becoming a member. 

Close cooperation is also important as the mini-companies may give rise to real companies. Get in touch with us: we will be happy to design a form of cooperation that matches your needs.

Main Partners

  • Ubs Sw
  • Swiss Prime Site Sw
  • Die Mobiliar De Sw

YES Partner

  • Avina Sw
  • Coop Sw
  • Ige Sw
  • Swiss Re Sw
  • Rising Tide Sw
  • Jggf Sw
  • Coop Cultura Sw
  • Lionsclub Sw
  • Swisslos Sw
  • Jggf Sw
  • Bgb Sw
  • Accenture Sw
  • Axa Winterthur Sw
  • Cembra Sw
  • Credit Suisse Sw
  • Ey Sw
  • Uri Sw
  • Pwc Sw
  • Swisscom Sw
  • Adp Sw
  • Noser Engineering Sw
  • Kpmg 2 Sw
  • Obkb Sw