From an Idea to a Successful Mini-Enterprise – These 25 Teams Have Made It!

It’s almost time for the National Final of the Company Programme!

After the evaluation of various sub-criteria such as corporate design, business plan, pitching skills and the annual report, only the best mini-enterprises have made it through to the last round.

Now it’s time for the final test: In one of the most visited places in Switzerland, the hall of Zurich main station, the mini-enterprises have to present their stand and pitch their business idea on the big stage.

Don’t miss the chance to meet the future entrepreneurs and visit us on 31 May and 1 June in the hall of Zurich main station!

You want to know more about it? All information about the exhibiting mini-enterprises and the programme can be found here!

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Artémix (Lycée Jean-Piaget), BeeuTi (Scuola cantonale di Commercio), Candeila (Evangelische Mittelschule Schiers), ChocoDelights (Kantonsschule Zürich Nord), FruitAven (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau), frush (Gymnase d'Yverdon), GrischaDuft (Evangelische Mittelschule Schiers), Headway Clothing (Scuola cantonale di Commercio), HelloBowl (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau), Hive'Five (Lycée Blaise Cendrars), Holzgruass (Evangelische Mittelschule Schiers), Honey & Spice (Kantonsschule Hottingen Zürich), Joltz (Kantonsschule Uster), Labios (Kantonsschule Zürich Nord), Lucoro (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau), Otterbäg (Stiftschule Einsiedeln), POMA (Kantonsschule Zimmerberg), poppin' delight (Gymnasium Kirchenfeld), Sirupya (Kantonsschule Zofingen), Soñar (Kantonsschule Zug), Stix (Gymnasium Kirchenfeld), Szechu (Kantonsschule Zürich Unterland), Tapéro (Lycée Jean-Piaget), whitable (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau), Xirup (Lycée Blaise Cendrars)